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Are you ready to race in speedboats.io? This game will offer you the thundering speed. Do you think you can handle this?

There is no team and no support. So, get in and enjoy some addictive action. Moreover, you also have to aim your boat’ cannon to shoot the enemies and defeat them. Though, you’ll get 100 points after each kill. 25 extra points will be added if you get the consecutive kill.

Try to kill as many enemies as you can. Don’t forget to defend yourself by dodging others’ attack.

Other powerups will give you the chance to upgrade your attacking powers. Machine gun, laser gun, grenade launcher, shrapnel gun, spread shot, double shot, and hamming gun are included in upgrades.

These all weapon offer you variety of shooting. Don’t forget about customizing your skin before entering the game.

  • Time of some powerups will hold for 30 seconds so be quick in utilizing this.
  • 50 points will be gone after your every loss in speedboats.io.