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Add your nickname in before starting the game.

Your nickname is showing at the center of the screen and this is your fort. So, your main mission is to defend it at any risk. Moreover, this interesting game offers you multiple powerups in order to buy more upgrades. You’ll also need to select a unit at the beginning.

Start moving your cursor to find the name of  Barracks because you’re going to purchase it to organize soldiers. They can automatically attack while any danger. Though, this is the weakest unit in the game.

Build the wall, generator house, sniper turret, simple turret, and armory to defense your fort. Get the commander to increase your damage because he is the strongest unit in The building of sniper turret will decrease the attack rate of enemies.

  • After Barracks put generator.
  • Try to build walls far from the fort.
  • Behind the wall, there must be simple turret.